How Much is a Customer Smile Worth?

A Customer Smile can mean: “This is my favorite place.” “I’ll be coming back!” “I can’t wait to tell my friends!”

A Customer Smile builds loyalty and repeat business. It builds word-of-mouth reputation. And it brands your business as a place of gracious hospitality.

HOLLYNOW! is online scenario-based hospitality training that can transform everyone on your staff into a skilled Customer Smile-Maker. It’s the Art of Hospitality made simple. And consistent. And a part of your business culture.

HOLLYNOW! Hospitality Training is based on 4 Key Hospitality Principles -- skills that can be learned, internalized and relied upon:

#1 - Awareness: Connecting with customers, understanding their concerns, and solving their problems takes much more than a welcoming smile and a charming personality.

#2 - Perception: Getting beneath the surface of customer interactions – understanding customer needs, attitudes and perceptions.

#3 - Discernment: Being open to what’s going on around us, seeing things as they truly are, judging situations accurately and fairly, and doing the right thing at the right moment.

#4 - Appropriate Action: Responding to each situation in ways that ensure the best possible outcome.




            The Art of Hospitality

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